A Message from Doshu

COVID-19 is spreading all around the world. I pray for the prompt recovery of all those who have been affected by it, and I would also like to express my sincere condolences to the families of all who have passed away.

In these times when COVID-19 is spreading around the world, as a measure to avoid infection various things and events are being reduced or cancelled, and our society feels as though dark clouds are hanging over us.

Regarding Aikido, events are being cancelled in all the regions, and most people cannot even keep practicing because of the closing of their training places. Although unavoidable, it is incredibly unfortunate.

“The circular movement embodies Aikido’s spirit, the spirit of harmony”. I believe this thought is the most important for us as humans. Right now, especially at this time, we must value the spirit of harmony and not lose our moral sense to fear of the virus. Preventing the spread of infection and self-protection is important. At the same time, are people not becoming exhausted from the fear the current situation is causing? Are we not losing our human thoughtfulness, our kindness? It feels like our state of mind is being tested by this virus.

We must fight this fear without losing our sense of morality and committing any kind of discrimination towards others, being calm and affable.

Until the time that this infection ends, and we can go back to our daily Aikido practice, I pray for all of us not to forget the “spirit of harmony”, and to keep walking the same path together.