Aikido Terms

Ichi One
Ni Two
San Three
Shi (or yon) Four
Go Five
Roku Six
Shichi (or nana) Seven
Hachi Eight
Kyu (or ku) Nine
Ju Ten

Ai Harmonising.
Aiki Harmonising of Ki.
Aikidoka One who participates in Aikido.
Bokken Sword.
Chudan Middle position.
Dachi Stance.
Do The Way.
Dojo Training hall.
Doshu Leader of the way, world Aikido leader, head of budo.
Gedan Lower position.
Hajime Begin.
Hanmi The basic aikido stance, half body, as in facing forward with left or right foot forward.
Hara One point (lower abdomen, approximately 50mm below navel) physical & spiritual center.
Hidari Left.
Jiyu waza Free style practice.
Jo Staff.
Jodan Upper position.
Ki Vital force of Mind, Body and Spirit.
Kohai Junior.
Kumi jo Staff practices with a partner.
Kumi tachi Sword practices with a partner.
Kyu Kyu grade students, before reaching Dan grade.
Ma ai Attack intervals. One must keep the proper attack intervals.
Matte Stop.
Metsuke Gazing at the distant mountains. This means to focus the eyes at a distance.
Migi Right.
Nage The person performing the technique.
O'Sensei "The Great Teacher", Founder of Aikido - The Late Morihei Ueshiba.
Rei To bow.
Seiza Formal kneeling position.
Sempai Senior.
Sensei Teacher, instructor.
Shihan Master, instructor (6th Dan & above).
Shomen Front of a dojo, often there is a photo of the Founder, also front or top of head.
Tanto Knife.
Tatami Japanese straw mat.
Uke The person receiving the technique.
Ukemi The way of receving techniques.
Waza Technique.
Yame Finish.
Yudansha Dan grade students.
Zanshin Remaining mind or heart. Even after an aikido technique has been completed, one should remain in a balanced and aware state.

Ayumi ashi Altering step, left and right, like normal walking.
Funakogi undo Rowing boat exercise, standing up.
Hai shin undo Back stretch.
Hidari Left.
Irimi Entering move.
Kaiten Rotation move or turning move.
Mae ukemi Front roll or break-fall.
Migi Right.
Okuri ashi Sliding step, front leg slide and back leg follow.
Shiho giri Cutting in four directions.
Shikko Knee walk.
Soto Outside.
Tai no tenkan Body turns.
Tenkan Turning move or changing direction.
Tsugi ashi Following step, back foot following and not passing front foot.
Uchi Inside.
Ukemi General term for break-fall techniques.
Ushiro ukemi Back roll or break-fall.

Ai hanmi Same foot forward stance.
Atemi Strike.
Eri dori Collar grip by the neck.
Gyaku hanmi Opposing stance.
Hanmi handachi Nage kneels, uke standing.
Hiji dori Elbow grab.
Jo tori Defense against Jo attacks.
Kamae Stance.
Kata dori Shoulder grab.
Kata men uchi Shoulder grab and execute a straight frontal strike to the top of the head with the other hand.
Katame waza Immobilization techniques.
Katate dori Wrist grab.
Mae geri Front kick.
Morote dori Both hands grab partner's wrist.
Mune tsuki Thrust, straight punch to chest or stomach.
Omote Positive move, entering to the front of the partner.
Ryo hiji dori Two hands grab both of the partner's elbows.
Ryo kata dori Two hands grab both of the partner's shoulder.
Ryote dori Two hands grab both of the partner's wrists.
Shomen tsuki Thrust, straight punch to the face.
Shomen uchi Straight strike to the top of the head.
Suwari waza Knee techniques.
Tachi tori Defense against Bokken attacks.
Tachi waza Standing techniques.
Taiho jutsu Arrest techniques.
Tanto tori Defense against Tanto attacks.
Ura Negative move, entering to the rear or behind of the partner.
Ushiro From the rear or behind.
Ushiro hiji dori Two hands grab from behind both of the partner's elbow.
Ushiro kubi shime Rear or neck choke with one hand from behind and grab at the wrist with the other hand.
Ushiro ryo kata dori Two hands grab from behind both of the partner's shoulder.
Ushiro ryote dori Two hands grab from behind both of the partner's wrists.
Yokomen uchi Strike to the side of the head or neck.

Ikkyo 1st immobilisation lock.
Nikyo 2nd immobilisation lock.
Sankkyo 3rd immobilisation lock.
Yonkyo 4th immobilisation lock.
Gokyo 5th immobilisation lock.

Irimi nage Entering throw.
Juji garumi Crossed arm throw.
Kaiten nage Rotary throw.
Kokyu nage Breath throw.
Kokyu-ho Method for using breath.
Koshi nage Hip throw.
Kote gaeshi Wrist throw or outer wrist twist.
Shiho nage Four directions throw.
Sumi otoshi Corner drop throw.
Tenchi nage Heaven and Earth throw.