Malaysia Aikido AssociationMalaysia Aikido Association

Kyu Grades

  1. Minimum duration of Training, assuming at least 3 hours of training per week for every week
    6th kyu to 5th (3-6 months)
    5th kyu to 4th (3-6 months)
    4th kyu to 3rd (6 months)
    3rd kyu to 2nd (6 months)
    2nd kyu to 1st (9 months)
    1st kyu to 1st Dan (1 year)
  2. Recommendation of the Instructor
    Having satisfied the minimum duration, the student will need to be recommended by his/her Instructor who will consider various other aspects such as the skills and knowledge acquired, the attitude and behaviour of the student. The decision of the Instructor and that of the National Technical and Teaching Committee is final.
  3. Submission of the names of the candidates for Examination
    This must be done at the NTTC Meeting at least 2 weeks before the scheduled Examination date. The NTTC will vet through and agree on the candidates for Examination before putting up the list.
  4. Payment and Passbook
    All payments and Passbooks (to indicate current rank and membership status) are to be submitted to the NTTC at least 1 week before the date of the Examination. No late entries will be entertained.
  5. Grading Certificates
    The NTTC shall issue Kyu Certificates to the successful candidates 2 weeks after the Examination. The passing of candidates shall be the collective decision of the members of the NTTC and shall be final. The decision is to be reached immediately after the conclusion of the Examination.
  6. Failures
    Those who have failed in the Kyu Examination may repeat the examination (with the approval of his/her Instructor) without additional cost, at the next forthcoming Examination which shall be at least 3 months or more. The names of those who failed shall not be put up on the Website or notices in any dojo but they will be Informed by their own Instructors.

Dan Grades

The prerequisites for upgrading includes:

  1. Payment of Training Fees
  2. All yudanshas are expected to pay monthly training fees and continue regular training (not less than 3 hours per week)
  3. All yudanshas are expected to assist (their Instructors or the Association) in a teaching capacity for not less than 50 sessions per year.
  4. All yudanshas are expected to attend at least 2 International Seminars and 2 local Seminars/Camps per year.
  5. Recommendations for upgrading will depend on the Instructors’ assessment on your attitude, behaviour and contributions to the Association and Aikido.
  6. Yudanshas selected for upgrading at expected to attend Preparatory Classes (at least 80% attendance) 7 months prior to the date of their Examination.
  7. Subsequently a Trial Examination will be held 1 month before the Examination and only successful candidates will be recommended for Upgrading.
  8. The recommendation of the NTTC is subject to the approval of Seiichi Sugano Shihan who will also decide on the Examination outcome.

Instructors Course

The NTTC will be starting on an Instructors’ course from January 2005. This is open to all aspiring and potential students from the rank of 1st Kyu and above. Teaching will be done in Modules and participants will be groomed and trained to acquire the necessary Aikido skills and knowledge, and the Art of Teaching.

With this stable of trainees, it is hope that the teaching force will be expanded and all Instructors and their assistants will be professional and uniform in conducting classes in dojos under the MAA umbrella.